Private Consultation - Online



A private consultation, focusing on the needs of the individual. Each session last an hour and is detailed and unique. Offering personalised guidance to the participant, detailing how meditation, creativity, storytelling and ritual can be used to empower and guide us in our lives.

"I had lost my way, been damaging myself in ways I had yet to recognise and really didn’t know how to get my life back in balance. I felt totally broken. I saw that John offered one-to-one tuition, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Believing in divine providence, I knew intuitively that I needed this man’s help and thus signed up for the service. It has proved to be a most wise decision. John is passionate about people, their story and their own place in this world. John is an inspirational presence; he has great instincts and allows you space to trust your own intuition, to have faith in yourself and grow. I personally cannot thank John enough for his work with me and for his patience and attentiveness in answering any concerns or queries, without judgement or criticism. If you need to climb back out of the ditch and back on your true path then I suggest John is the man to help you."

Linda Pottinger