Special Mediation Class - Live via Zoom from Hitchin Lavender



Join us this Thursday the 25th of June at 6pm for a special virtual meditation class live from Hitchin Lavender via Zoom to celebrate the ticketed re-opening of Hitchin Lavender this Friday.

In each meditation class we will explore various visualisations, meditations and exercises that will help you to effectively control stress and anxiety. Aiding you to refocus for the week ahead. Each workshop is experiential and based on the needs of the group. This class is suitable for all levels of experience.

This jargon-free meditation class aims to demystify meditation and teaches you everything you need to calm your mind and reduce stress. Dedicated to fostering the expansion of consciousness and the realisation of our highest possible selves through meditation.

John Harrigan is the founder at FoolishPeople.org. John has been facilitating meditation classes and workshops at Hitchin Lavender for three years, he has extensive experience facilitating meditation, art and wellbeing workshops, including at the Royal College of Art, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Wilderness Festival, Royal Central School of Drama and the BBC amongst others.


"John Harrigan's work is vital in this time of uncertainty and change. He is tapping into forces and influences we vitally need if we, as a species, are going to survive this mess."

Joanne Mudhar

"I feel like I have been through several life times since this journey began. I have only today realised the releasing, healing, and power of this process. Only today am I on the other side understanding what I have cleared and what amazing new creativity has been unleashed. Only today am I lifted from the fog of a dream that felt so real. Today I am saying goodbye to the knot in my stomach that has been tied so tightly since the age of 5. Today I say goodbye to these old emotions that no longer serve me. Today I step back into my power and live the life of my design and not the life that I thought was mine. John words cannot express how much this journey has changed my life, so subtly yet so forcefully. Today I am brave, courageous and on the other side of this particular hero journey. Thank you."

Kama J Frankling

"John Harrigan gave me the tools to free myself when I didn't even know I was imprisoned, and in doing so has helped me find my way to where I should have been all along. I have so much love for this man and his work."

Karen Mosley


Tickets are available to book your visit to Hitchin Lavender via https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on?q=hitchin%20lavender